UPDATE: Michael Jackson Autopsy Report a Fake

UPDATE: Michael Jackson Autopsy Report a Fake-photo

UPDATE: TMZ now reports that the Sun's grisly account of Michael Jackson's autopsy report is a fabrication.

Michael Jackson's autopsy report paints a grim image of the singer's physical state at the time of his death, according to British newspaper the Sun.

The report notes that Jackson, who died on Thursday at the age of 50 after suffering cardiac arrest, weighed a mere 112 pounds, was bald and was disfigured by numerous scars and bruises.

Describing the singer as "severely emaciated," the report goes on to note that, beneath his wig, only the slightest traces of "peach fuzz" appeared on his scalp. His stomach was completely empty, save for a few partially dissolved pills. Pathologists also discovered a mass of surgical scars on Jackson's body, believed to be the result of extensive plastic surgery.

The autopsy also revealed bruises on Jackson's knees and shins, and cuts on his back, suggesting that he had fallen recently.

"Michael’s family and fans will be horrified when they realize the appalling state he was in," a family source tells the paper. “He was skin and bone, his hair had fallen out and had been eating nothing but pills when he died. Injection marks all over his body and the disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he’d been in terminal decline for years."



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  • kim

    Angelina is gorgeous, however in this photo Mila has the most stunning appearance...

  • bewdafil3

    mila is stunning angelina looks like a drag queen

  • Bee

    I vote C: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  • pris72

    Mila Kunis is fresh, Angelina Jolie is stale.

  • guest name
    guest name

    he was a child abusing dope head.....selfish and deplorable....i dont care how good he could sing and dance....i bet if he diddled your kids, you still would be so stuck up his ass that you couldnt even see your own kid suffering....dumbasses

  • sasha

    he was one of a kind he was simply the best we love u michael R.I.P MICHAEL

  • Andy

    and plus I think it is also a serious possibility that he is not dead, he is probably hanging out with Mr Presely working the biggest scam on all of us together, sitting sippin there kahoona c*cktails and eating some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together...ah well one can hope, but they are probably doing this from above together singing to us all...ooooh what a combination, a bit of Elvis with a Beat It theme bizarro!

  • MJ lives
    MJ lives

    you are all mental...one needs to remember the fact of what Michael Jackson brought to this life in his musical/dance and unconditional giving up of his younger life as a kid to entertain us regular folk even if it was an eventuality when Thriller thrilled almost anyone with any musical understanding. Come on he literally rocked this planet for several years and the greedy bastards that decided to shame his name for big$ and convinced half the world he was this evil child abusing man, well I think they should question themselves, I am so ferked off with it all. Yes he was bizarre, yes he had lots of surgery, and I agree with the above, probably so not wanting to be anything like his Dad, the big abusing, money grabbing loser himself!!! Everyone should literally 'SCREAM' at people that are so scept about MJ, has anyone checked out the 1000's of tributes happening around the world to honer this star of an entertainer...and entertainment is what he had to play from when he was 5, this world should ask itself, could you really handle that... I don't think so, most of us can't even handle our regular ferkin day!

  • john

    i wonder if he killed himself . he was loosen every thing , U.S.A didn't want him to put on any concert in there country . if it true he stop eating , if it true he losed all his hair , if it is true he weight 112 pounds . if it true how can he put on 50 concerts in europe this years and next years

  • Jennifer

    I will miss Michael Jackson deeply. It is still hard to believe that he is no longer with us. I would like to add that I hope Debbie Rowe does NOT get custody of his children. For gods sake she did not even want them or even seen them in years! And the nanny. They both need to sit there a**es down some where. I believe that Jackson's family should have custody of his children. We need to think about the interest of his children. What is best for them. Michael has not even been buried and I bet he is turning in his grave. I hopr he did leave a will. Micheal we love you RIP. You will be missed tremendously

  • Koshh

    Like Elvis , Like James Brown , Like Tupac , Its jackson now faking his death for peoples attention and the sooner you all will realise more new songs of him are released ;) , i bet u he is gonna have one with tupac

  • theultimatewarrior

    Michael Jackson once challenged me to a wrestling match. I beat him so bad I stole his skin pigment.

  • stallown3d

    I'm still not convinced he's even dead. I wouldn't be surprised if Jackson releases a duets album with Tupac next month. He's been dead for 25 years now. What you've witnessed over the past quarter of a century was actually a cyborg sent from the future to eliminate the original Michael Jackson.

  • noah

    I'm still not convinced he's even dead. I wouldn't be surprised if Jackson releases a duets album with Tupac next month.

  • SideLiner

    Michael Jackson had multiple surgeries to avoid looking like his father, because he felt his father was an abusive creep! One might conclude he wouldn't want his children to be in his father's care. The children need a lot of positive people around them now, and not any member of the Jackson family should be raising them. Let's send some positivity out in our thoughts to the children. I wish them the best and hope they can learn to be normal people.

  • berna

    he was a wonderful human being and a caring man.god bless .

  • berna

    he was a wonderful human being and a caring man.god bless .

  • dundies

    poor michael..i hope he is happy up in the big castle in the sky..no more pain and hurt michael..we will all miss you....R.I.P agreed

  • tatts09

    poor michael..i hope he is happy up in the big castle in the sky..no more pain and hurt michael..we will all miss you....R.I.P

  • Maura

    This does not surprise me at all! Elvis got bloated and hooked and Michael got skinny and hooked.....Of course the Jacksons were probably surprised at the results as they never speak to each other except when it comes to money....No one cared enough about Michael and no one cared enough about Elvis to step in and try to help....All the Jackson's have ever cared about is their greed!....This is probably the worst family in the entire country..... Now old Joe gets to mess us Michael's children? When was the last time before Michael died that Joe even saw these children? Bet it was a long, long time ago --- but now they are his new meal ticket....Michael - I hope to GOD that you wrote a will and didn't leave these children to your sick bas**** of a father!

  • jane