Hulk Hogan Hypes it Up for His Brooke-tini

Everybody already knows that Hulk Hogan is always willing to lend his daughter Brooke Hogan a helping hand.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that the Hulkster would record an intro for what’s destined to be the latest in a long line of musical masterpieces for Brooke, her remix “Judgment Day.” (Out on July 4, y’all!)

What is a little shocking is how out-of-control Hulk gets during the intro.

“My little teeny-weeny Brooke-tini is doing the baddest mix tape around!” the wrestling legend bellows, before declaring the Hogan crew’s Floridian street cred.

“We’re as far East as you can get, Jack! We’ve go the heels of our tippy-tippy toes in the Atlantic ocean!” Hogan declares.

Well, uh, okay, then.

Listen to the full intro and have your say in the comments section: What do you think of the Hulkster’s words of praise for his teeny-weeny Brooke-tini?