Mariah Carey: Oh, Man!

Mariah Carey: Oh, Man!-photo

Yep, that's Mariah Carey!

The diva was spotted filming her new music video for the first single "Obsessed" off of her upcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel outside the Plaza Hotel in NYC on Monday.

Mariah did some great cross-dressing, including as a chauffeur and white rapper Eminem! (As you may recall, Eminem recently attacked Carey and hubby Nick Cannon on his new album.)

In her new single, Mariah lashes back at Eminem: "Why are you so obsessed with me/ Boy, I wanna know/ Lying that you’re sexing me/ When everybody knows/ It’s clear that you’re upset with me….You’re delusional/ Boy, you’re losing your mind."

Don't worry, there are a few scenes where Mariah is as feminine and sexy as ever in a slinky, cream-colored dress and platform heels.

Check out all the pictures in our huge gallery. You know you want to!


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  • angela

    Oh please, she loves that he made fun of her. Now she gets to get back at him, and it will be in the media, and she'll be relevant again. I wouldn't be surprised if it was like the Bruno gag - totally contrived.

  • Sissylia

    You go girl!!!! I am not fan of Mariah's but, Eminem thinks he can put people down and they are just going to leave it like that?? NO WAY!! This guy needs someone to teach him that women can also stand up to him..What can people expect of a raper who has no respect for women..... even the ones from his own family? Maybe his mother and ex wife were not perfect...but it is worse that he puts them down in his music ...PATHETIC!!!! There is something about being a gentleman thatt his man needs to learn about.. GO MARIAH!!!!!

  • frejamacarons

    mariah is so fat, this is not the emancipation of mimi's fat. She is such a poser, why cant she just stick to her diet of swordfish and stay that way. It just shows that this singing thing doesnt mean much to her, she diets when she gets a new album, then piles on the blubber when promo ends.

  • oceanbubbles

    Ugh.. Just when I thought she couldnt get any uglier, This is the first thing I see when I visit Celebuzz... horrible.

  • Kathy

    Brett Ratner & Mariah always do great videos together. Cant wait 4 this video 2 get released.

  • ames

    carey can suck it

  • giggle35

    I love this song! You go Mariah! Don't get me wrong, I love Eminem...but he had NO right to attack Mariah. Finally someone is deciding to stand up to the rapper.


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