Michael Jackson Fans Are Killing Themselves in Grief

Some of Michael Jackson’s fans are taking their devotion way too far.

Sky News quotes Gary Taylor, owner of Jackson fan mega-site MMJCommunity.com, as saying that as many as a dozen MJ fans have killed themselves in grief since the music giant’s untimely death last Thursday at the age of 50.

“I know there has been an increase, I now believe the figure is 12,” Taylor estimates. “It is a serious situation that these people are going through but Michael Jackson would never want this. He would want them to live.”

In light of this growing epidemic, Rev. Jesse Jackson has released a video on YouTube urging Jackson’s fans not to “self-destruct.”

“This is a time when hearts are heavy. There is great pain but great cause to celebrate Michael’s life,” Jackson—no relation to the deceased singer—says. “It made Michael happy saying ‘We Are The World’. Don’t self destruct.”

Check out the video below:

You heard the man, people. Don’t do anything rash.