Michael Jackson to Receive Public Viewing

What better way to begin the 4th of July weekend than viewing the remains of an American icon?

CNN reports that deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson’s body will receive a public viewing on Friday at his former home, Neverland Ranch.

Also, a private memorial service will be held for the singer on Sunday.

Jackson purchased the Neverland Ranch, which is located north of Santa Barbara, California, in 1987, and it soon became famed for its vast menagerie of animals and amusement-park rides. He moved from the property in 2005 and nearly lost the  property due to financial difficulties earlier this year, but came to a last-minute arrangement to retain a stake in it.

It’s not known whether Neverland will be Jackson’s final resting place. Rudy Clay, the mayor of Gary, Indiana—Jackson’s hometown—is lobbying the Jackson family to have him buried there. One suggestion is that a burial site could be located near a proposed Jackson family museum and a performance arts center.

“The mayor had spoken with a contact of the Jackson family and expressed our interest in having that to be a part of the history of this great family,” says a spokesperson for Clay. “We have not received confirmation on that.”

(The family has announced that they have no plans for a funeral until a second autopsy has been performed on Jackson’s body.)

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