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  • Robin Brooks
    Robin Brooks

    he's such a cutie ba tutie!

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  • Nil

    I heard Mariah actually grew that beard herself

  • roor

    I went to Valencia with him, he looks a lot better now!!!

  • marvolo

    She looks alot sexier than Angelina Jolie. And check that out, she's saying 'Hi' to the paparazzis.

  • Aimee

    Every time I see a picture of her, I keep thinking "There's that twelve-year-old girl; where's WinDixie?" I can't believe she's fifteen, she doesn't even look it.

  • Monkey

    Everything is about SEX these day's. Sad for the kids growing up, they will only know how to dress sexy.. And people wonder why there are so many kid nappings..



  • sOFs

    Yeah, deffinitely doesn't have a penis. She's a master of marketing and she doesn't care how far she goes. Funny though, I believed it when I heard. Oh Lady Gaga, you are one in a million.

  • Brittany

    What the hell is she wearing on her head, eh?

  • Julio Cezar do Amaral
    Julio Cezar do Amaral

    He´s the hottest guy ever..Those eyes have the color of Ipanema waters....

  • chazphelp

    contributed mid actual cover fossil

  • Aamina Simone
    Aamina Simone

    Love the outfit!

  • lautnerlove13

    I loooooooove this guy!!!! It's like he's flawless!!!!!

  • 1cammyfan

    Sign me up for some devilish fun then!!!!!

  • I hate demi
    I hate demi

    demi wats wrong with you what have you done to yourself youa re losing lots of fans you backstabbing celebrity FAKE.LOOK AT YOUR HAIR YOUR MAKEUP YOUR TAN YOUR FAC YOUR NOT DEMI YOUR NOT DEMI STOP ACTING LIKE SOMETHING YOUR NOT STSOPPPPPPP YOUR NOT THE DEMI ANYMORE AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE YOU SO MUCh NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alexandra

    so sweet !! love this couple!

  • sexy vampire
    sexy vampire

    so is it true that they were smooching when they thought no one was watchong them?

  • Paulina

    OMG,he is so cute here xDD he's G O R G E O U S! just love him,but U know, I love him not like a psycho-fan ,but like a my ideal of man xD

  • malibu babe
    malibu babe

    a rack of bones with a nylon over it!

  • Chris Wieprecht
    Chris Wieprecht

    I don't like her new look =(

  • mariah

    god, he is adorable i love him

  • mariah

    its mariah carey ha ha hs ha lol

  • danielle

    any way joe is still sexy!

  • Inezzi Makky
    Inezzi Makky

    It looks so freakin weird i was like who the heck is dis

  • skylar

    woah that hairdo

  • tipima

    my god what a man....... i adore him sooooo cute ; )

  • cam


  • yosi

    those eyes kill me

  • Manhattan

    He's just another English dude who American girls go crazy for , I say he's def " NOT HOTT!" in my opinion, just another dude with an accent ladies

  • queenofsarcasm

    omg gross She looks nasty!!!

  • Mattie

    Oh, my goodness. I just can't make myself look at pictures like this of Taylor at this age, when he was that young, and totally without muscle. My special feeling is like completely gone now, damn My motherly concern just came on. Your killing me.......

  • whatthehell!!!

    she looks like a monkey

  • MABE

    No! He can't. Really he can't and I didn't say that because am a Jacob fan. He can't either. Team Jasper!!!!!

  • thecritic

    he'll never walk on that star again He's dead

  • Melissa Ellis
    Melissa Ellis

    wtf people. shes human like all of us. we all have bad pics hypocrites...

  • JustMe

    Umm..she looks like shes suppose to look for the role so can't really judge her but PAAHLLEEZE if she looked like this normally it would be FN disgusting! How can anyone think a choppy greesy balck mullet, pale white skin and a bony eight year old boy figure is hot? She has a pretty face...Not hot or sexy neither was Joan jett

  • edwardsbella

    crazy outfit

  • twibestfanever

    i love her she is such a great actress but the most i like that she has her style, she don't pretend something or someone else, she is herself and she don't hide that. She don't care what people think about her because she knows who she is and people who realy love her knows too.

  • amberrr

    his teeth...are freakin perfect. his face is freakin perfect!!

  • thedoctor

    Alright everyone out there shes working alot and this is her style or maybe she just doesn't feel like getting all cute or walking around in heels and she prolly doesn't care what you people think my thots eactly

  • thedoctor

    what???? no hate cooments????? Wow!!!

  • nerak

    She looks like... huuuuh???

  • nettie209

    no one compares to beyonce..... such grace......

  • nettie209

    Fergie is freakin HOT love her ...... keep on girl

  • nettie209

    god she's a train wreck she really is looking like trailer park trash lately more than ever..... she just looks cracked out and dirty

  • nettie209

    wow she's really looking like her mother in this pic .... beautiful ;)

  • Anna

    Another breathe of fresh air in hollywood,I love kristen.She is someone I don't mind my daughters looking up to.

  • Anna

    Even at 46 Johnny Depp is a beautiful human! Can't wait to see Public Enemies.


    he looks so sweet, can he be any HOTTER

  • missbrightside

    what is this?¿?¿