Demi Lovato Plays Dress-Up for WWD

Demi Lovato seems to be acquiring a taste for fancy threads these days. 

The Princess Protection Program star and budding pop sensation has a new photo-spread and interview on WWD, draping herself in all sorts of finery and spilling about what it’s like to be a much-in-demand legend-in-the-making.

Read on for selected passages straight from the mouth of Demi:

On balancing her music and acting careers: “[Music is] my first love,. Acting is just kind of a way to pay for the singing. I mean, not anymore. Acting now is like a new challenge, new hobby, a new passion even.”

On being a role model to the nation’s tweeners: “Sometimes, when I want to wear a really hot skirt or something, I think, ‘Would you want your little sister to wear that skirt in two years? No.’”

On being a kid in a grown-up business: “I wish I was older a lot of the time. Because I feel like an adult and I’m working like an adult, but then I wake up and I’m 16 and it’s weird.”

Aww. Disney stars; they grow up so fast.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you think Demi Lovato’s in danger of being prematurely aged by show biz?

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