Hilary Duff to Guest on Gossip Girl

The Hilary Duff career renaissance continues to careen along with all the momentum of a runaway train!

Fresh from her boffo guest stint on Law & Order: SVU, the former Lizzie McGuire star is poised to star in a multi-episode arc on the hit series Gossip Girl, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The Duffster will play Olivia Burke, a movie starlet who enrolls at NYU in order to further her education and rub elbows with the commoners. During her college stint, she rooms with Vanessa (ably portrayed by Jessica Szohr).

Is that a catfight we smell on the horizon? Good lord, let’s hope so! 

Duff’s guest-starring run is scheduled to begin on the new season’s fourth episode, which airs October 5. Hope you all can wait that long.

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