Michael Jackson Filmed 3-D Video Before His Death

One of the last projects that Michael Jackson completed before his death last Thursday was an elaborate 3-D video, dubbed the “Dome Project,” that was presumably intended for use during his upcoming string of London concerts, the Associated Press reports.

The project, which filmed from July 1-9, included four sets, one of which was a cemetery, recalling Jackson’s landmark video “Thriller.”

“It was a groundbreaking effort,” says Vince Pace, whose company provided cameras for the project. When the video played in concert, “the audience would have felt like they were visiting the ‘Thriller’ experience, like they were there,” Pace added.

A source close to the project recalls that, during filming, Jackson walked onto the set “with a spring in his step” but at one point needed help descending stairs leading from a stage.

It’s not yet known if the project will be released in some other format.