Michael Jackson's Will: New Details

Michael Jackson's Will: New Details-photo

New details about the 2002 will drafted by deceased music legend Michael Jackson are beginning to emerge, People magazine reports.

In the document (view it here), which Jackson's family has obtained and is currently reviewing, Jackson leaves all of his assets to the Michael Jackson Family Trust. Contrary to earlier reports, the will does not specifically exclude Jackson's father, Joe Jackson. Nor does it list any particular charities as beneficiaries.

The will does, however, name Jackson's mother, Katherine, as guardian to his three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. Last week, Katherine, 79, was granted temporary guardianship of the children in court.

In the event that Katherine is unable to serve as guardian, the will nominates singer Diana Ross as an alternate guardian to the kids.

How all of this will shake out financially remains to be seen.  According to a source, "There are no numbers in the will. The assets are going into the family trust.” Confidentiality issues prevent the beneficiaries of the Family Trust from being named.

Attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain are named as executors of the will.



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  • Luuuuli

    Despite the negative press as the first comment says , the children abuses, or whatever may be; nobody can deny that he really was the king of pop! no one will ever replace him, the way he moved and how he sang and all at the same time. the world loved him... he was an idol to a lot of people. he didn`t die, his music will keep him alive forever, that's for sure. and as I said, he didn't die, he's just on another tour but this time wherever he might be, and as happy as could be. I wasn't really a big fan but i dind't hate him, it bothered me the thing about the abuses but, though the news have shocked me . i'm happy for him; he's surely in a better place now. XOXO Lucia from Argentina.

  • Clos

    The Family could kiss my ASS, there out there parade boating 5 days later at the BET awards, His own father had to drive to California, A loving father would have flew and been there ASAP! I'm shocked of his death, saddened but most of all closer to my family . Michael would do it to all households , from thriller to moonwalks .. Now your not alone or lonely Michael! I'm happy that you are now finally resting and happy as could be.

  • lulu809

    you were my idol, i dreamed of one day see you in concert. now all dreams are gone. i know angels are happy to see you and everything that you missed in life will be given to you in heaven......im hurting......

  • mj forever
    mj forever

    you live on foever michael we love you!

  • Jose R. Juarez
    Jose R. Juarez

    The world loves Michael Jackson, despite all the negative press and money making desires of some of the media that are wicked and deceitful. My prayers go out to the Jackson Family on a daily basis. Please respect the Jackson Family as they mourn their own. I wish I could have helped. In His Love,

  • xxpinkbabesx

    I miss michael jackson!! :(