Shia LaBeouf Camp Refutes Fender Bender Account

Want to find Shia LaBeouf showing off his hot wheels? His representatives insist the only place to see him do that is on screen in the blockbuster Transformers sequel.

LaBeouf’s camp says a Los Angeles woman who claimed to have been in a minor car accident with the star—whose driver’s license is suspended—has recanted her statements.

Representatives for LaBeouf sent a private investigator to speak with the woman, a comedian named Jesse Coccoli, who last month recounted a run-in with LaBeouf on Twitter and to Celebuzz.

The investigator reports that when he contacted Coccoli, she told him that—contrary to her earlier statements—the accident did not involve the actor and that the whole affair was based on “mistaken identity.”

Coccoli did not respond to messages from Celebuzz.

LaBeouf’s representatives had previously insisted that he was in Santa Monica with friends May 27, the day in question, and suggested at the time that Coccoli was in error.

Since LaBeouf’s license has been suspended since January, Coccoli’s claim that he had been behind the wheel at all posed a potentially serious problem for the actor, who has been busy promoting Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’s release around the globe.

He lost his driving privileges after refusing to submit to a “chemical test” following an accident last July, authorities say. Since then, he has been spotted getting around town in taxicabs and with the help of his mother.

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