Stephen Moyer Says His Girl Is “Hardcore,” Yo

Stephen Moyer may not have a lot of love for the Twilight crew, but he has nothing but praise for his True Blood co-star and real-life lady-love, Anna Paquin.

Moyer—who plays vampire Bill Compton to Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse—says the couple have forged a true off-screen bond together. And one of the major ways they keep their relationship solid is by watching sweaty guys beat the hell out of each other.

“When I was a boy I loved boxing,” Moyer tells Access DirecTV magazine. “And I’ve got Anna into it.”

And Paquin’s appreciation for the sweet science is no mere token effort to placate her guy.

“I like the sport and she likes the blood,” Moyer reveals. “I’m like, ‘Stop the fight, people are getting hurt, I can’t bear it!’ and she’s going, ‘Go on, hit ‘em!’ She loves it. She boxes too.”

Moyer also harbors no illusions about who would win if the two of them were to throw down in a fight.

“She wouldn’t stop until she’s gnawed your stumps off,” Moyer admits. “I tell you, my girl is hardcore.”

Wow. Let’s see Kristen Stewart do that.

No, seriously. We’d really love to see it.