VIDEO: Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd Says ‘Twilight’ Vampires Are “Cute”

Things are heating up in the battle of the on-screen vampires.

TMZ cameras caught True Blood’s super-sexy, but super-evil, Alexander Skarsgård at the airport and grilled him about his crazy fans and those other famous vamps.

When asked if he ever encounters women who want him to bite them, Skarsgard answers nonchalantly, “Yeah, that has happened a few times.” At least he’s honest. (And looks to be slightly happy about it?)

But here’s where things get good. His thoughts on the Twilight blood-suckers, played by actors like Rob Pattinson and Kellan Lutz?

“I think they’re cute….they’re adorable.”

As you may recall, True Blood’s Stephen Moyer recently called RPattz’s character the “Slim-Fast, Diet Coke” of vampires. Is Skarsgard also diminishing the fright potential of Twilight’s vamps by dismissing them as “cute”?

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