Angelina Jolie Makes More Than Jennifer Aniston, Too

Poor Jennifer Aniston.

As if it wasn’t enough that Angelina Jolie totally swiped hubby Brad Pitt away from Aniston, Forbes magazine says that the Salt actress has trumped her financially as well as romantically.

Forbes’ list of Hollywood’s Top-Earning Actresses places Jolie in the top spot, noting that, between June 2008 and June 2009, the Mr. & Mrs. Smith beauty raked in a cool $27 million.

Coming in a close—but not close enough—second is Aniston, who amassed $25 million in the same period, thanks largely to her hit comedy Marley & Me.

Which still isn’t too shabby, but the realization that Jolie has, once again, bested her must sting a little for the terminally single Aniston.

At least she has plenty of $1,000 bills to wipe away her tears.

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