Brooke Hogan vs. Heidi Montag: Oh Yeah, it is SO on

Brooke Hogan vs. Heidi Montag: Oh Yeah, it is SO on-photo

It's the battle of the reality-TV blondes!

Brooke Hogan has just released a new song, "Ur Not That Hot," and she full-on calls out Hills villainess Heidi Montag in it!

The track—which will be included in Hogan's upcoming mix tape, Judgment Day (out on Saturday)—begins with a supposed voice message from Montag, declaring, "I just want to let you know that I'm making a record, and your record better watch its back. If you think [Hogan collaborator] Stack$ is awesome, wait for [Montag husband and aspiring rapper] Spencer [Pratt]!"

And you just know that the daughter of one of wrestling's biggest legends would not allow that call to go unanswered.

In the song, Brooke basically declares that she plans to mop the floor with Montag and vanquish her to the dustbin of history. Check out the track for yourself and revel in the bile:

Ooh, burn! And a somewhat catchy burn, at that.

Speak up in the comments section: Who will emerge victorious in this war of musical dominance?



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  • karaa

    This is a good song. Its catchy(: Heidi Montag sucks Spencer Pratts (non existent) balls!

  • Soph.

    Seriously, Heidi is HORRIBLE. She can't sing. It's amaznig how much you can do in a studio. She should just back off with her fake boobs and nose - she looks sooo ugly now! She was a good girl, with both feet on the ground - until she met Spencer. Hollywood got to their heads! They think they're so much better than everyone. I laugh when I see them! TEAM BROOKE FOR SURE!



  • bettydivina

    brook u rock not like heidi n her so call husband u now that she is not goin to be like u

  • Jered

    This is a good song. Don't know who the hell Heidi is but judging from the comments here, she isn't anyone very likable. I like this song a lot though. Brooke Knows Best is good too.

  • DesertBlu

    The song's actually pretty good.

  • xxpinkbabesx

    wtf?!?! heidi isn't even talented, teem brooke! she isn't a fake.

  • =)=)=)

    brook is way better than that thing !!!!!!!!

  • rofl please.... that's not music...
    rofl please.... that's not music...

    brooke and heidi... both are terrible as singers/human beings. no one knows why their shows are even doing well, they're both so stupid and silly, who watches them?????? anyways if i had to pick one better than the other.... brooke is better but that don't mean sh*t since both of their "music" just sucks in general

  • better than heidi's crap
    better than heidi's crap

    the song was kinda catchy :) DEFINITELY better than anything heidi will ever make. i can't stand speidi. i wish they would f*cking die. they're pathetic losers who just waste oxygen and i don't understand why we even see them on any websites or magazines.

  • Mirren Arcangel
    Mirren Arcangel

    who'd listen to heidi's songs anyways??? aside spencer? Really now... there is no competition.

  • Mirren Arcangel
    Mirren Arcangel

    Brooke. All the way babyyy!!!

  • Martha242

    Heidi is much much worse.

  • kyle Sharp
    kyle Sharp

    I don't know whose worse, Brooke or Heidi.

  • m

    all against the bitch heidi. she is so plastic.

  • princess

    brooke your a great singer fuch that ugly ass bitch she aint got sh*t on you do your thang gurl.. your better than her.. she will never be on you level,,

  • selena

    lol. worst ever. manufactured beef is so play'd and staid lol 4real

  • mertz

    lol. worst ever. manufactured beef is so play'd and staid

  • noah

    Dip my ears in acid, please.