Brooke Hogan vs. Heidi Montag: Oh Yeah, it is SO on

It’s the battle of the reality-TV blondes!

Brooke Hogan has just released a new song, “Ur Not That Hot,” and she full-on calls out Hills villainess Heidi Montag in it!

The track—which will be included in Hogan’s upcoming mix tape, Judgment Day (out on Saturday)—begins with a supposed voice message from Montag, declaring, “I just want to let you know that I’m making a record, and your record better watch its back. If you think [Hogan collaborator] Stack$ is awesome, wait for [Montag husband and aspiring rapper] Spencer [Pratt]!”

And you just know that the daughter of one of wrestling’s biggest legends would not allow that call to go unanswered.

In the song, Brooke basically declares that she plans to mop the floor with Montag and vanquish her to the dustbin of history. Check out the track for yourself and revel in the bile:

Ooh, burn! And a somewhat catchy burn, at that.

Speak up in the comments section: Who will emerge victorious in this war of musical dominance?