Bruno’s Privates Won’t Be Made Public in Movie

Although Sacha Baron Cohen recently bared it all on the cover of GQ, he had to cover up his poorly tanned bod in several scenes from the movie Bruno.

We’re all familiar with the black circles that covered Cohen’s private bits during Borat, and now they are making a bigger appearance in his latest film, the New York Post reports.

On top of major cuts and revisions, the black spots have been superimposed over private parts in three scenes so that the rating would change from NC-17 to R.

And just how raucous are the edited passages? Let’s just say one racy scene involves Bruno fooling around with his Pygmy boyfriend.

We can’t wait to see Cohen unleash his sexual and comedic persona when he plays Bruno in his upcoming flick. But are you disappointed that little Bruno won’t be unleashed? Let us know in the comments section!