DEA Joins Michael Jackson Investigation

The investigation into Michael Jackson’s death is about to get more intense.

MTV reports that the Los Angeles Police Department has asked the Drug Enforcement Administration to aid in its probe of Jackson’s death, which occurred last Thursday.

It’s suspected that Jackson may have gone into cardiac arrest after receiving an injection of Demerol, and earlier this week a nurse who had been in Jackson’s employ claimed that he had begged her to obtain the powerful anesthetic Diprivan, which was reportedly found at the singer’s Holmby Hills residence following his death.

An unnamed source tells TMZ that the DEA will be providing the LAPD with its expertise on drug abuse, illicit drug manufacturers and substances that local law enforcement may not be familiar with.

The DEA will most likely have its hands full with the case. According to TMZ,  Jackson was in the habit of using multiple aliases in order to obtain drugs, including Demerol, from pharmacies. The King of Pop reportedly used the names Omar Arnold and Jack London when ordering prescriptions, as well as the names of one of his bodyguards and the office manager of one of his doctors. 

The DEA will aid in tracking down purchases made with these aliases, and will investigate several doctors who prescribed drugs to Jackson.