Michael Jackson's Ex Makes a Play for the Kids

Michael Jackson's Ex Makes a Play for the Kids-photo

Debbie Rowe, the ex-wife of Michael Jackson and mother of his son Prince Michael and daughter Paris, is now attempting to gain custody of the kids.

Declaring, "I want my children" in a phone interview, Rowe also announced plans to seek a restraining order preventing Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, from having contact with the kids. Read on for further details.



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  • Alazaruso117

    I think it isn't anyone's damn business...

  • foxyroxylady

    if Debbie Rowe care for her kids why did she let them living with there father I dont think she care for thekids.she just want micheal jackson money

  • Lucas

    yes it might have started off as a job, but if Rowe is their biological mother and she's fit to take care of them, why not let her have a chance. particularly if it will remove them from the media circus that is likely to continue if unchecked. yes there is some issue of whether Michael was their bio dad, but at the least he was an adopted father and they will carry the association of being raised by him for life. it's only a matter of time before the tabs start wanting them to tell all about their horrible lives. did Michael abuse them sexually, did he force drugs on them blah blah. being with Rowe might take them out of all that and let them have a real life.

  • drcuddy

    Take them from whom, exactly? MJ's creepy horrible abusive parents?

  • TISH

    you have got to be crazy and out your , and you mind. everybody knows your a GOLD DIGGING SCEEZER, who was only with for micheal for the money, and what nerve do you have to try and clain custody over two indiviuals who dont even know you, an you know you dont even care. get a life and leave michaels children, mother,and family alone and let them be happy were they are know. you discrace me ,an you are a discrace to the world because people actually trully loved michael for who he was not for his money and fame CAN YOU SAY THE SAME NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AND THATS FOR ALL THE LOSERS WHOS TRYING TO TAKE THOSE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN.

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