Peter Facinelli Talks ‘Twilight’ Makeup

What’s the secret to getting the Cullen family looking like they haven’t seen the light of day?

Peter Facinelli shared the secrets to getting the Twilight cast’s pale looks in an exclusive interview with Celebuzz.

“In the first movie it entailed me dying my hair blonde, and then I sit in the makeup chair and they make me pale, and then I put my contact lenses in and then I look in the mirror and say ‘Who the heck is that?’ because it looks nothing like me.”

So was it make-up or something different?

He revealed, “The first movie they did a spray. It was a weird ionizer spray that if they actually touch you while they are spraying it, it shocks you. So at like 5 o’clock in the morning you’d be getting shocked — kinda like running across the carpet and touching something, nothing like where you are jolted.”

“On the second one they used more like a sponge makeup, because they wanted to tone it down a little bit so it wasn’t screaming pale.”