Steve-O Fights For Gay Marriage

Former Jackass star Stevo-O is the latest celeb to join the NOH8 Campaign, which fights for gay marriage in California.

In the above image, the 35-year-old comedian puckers up with his bodyguard, Reggie “Big Regg” Pace. In another, there are two Steve-O’s pictured, one in a tux and another in a wedding dress.

The now sober star thinks that Prop 8, which outlaws same-sex marriage in California, ruins the state’s image.

“I’ve always thought of California as this really awesome, liberal, great place, and it’s just such a total disappointment for the convenience of f–cking gay bashing,” he said. “It’s such a letdown that we seem to be the American capital for gay bashing.”

Check out all of Steve-O’s NOH8 ads in our gallery, and let us know what you think the comments!