Kanye West Falls Into the Gap

And so yet another talent of Kanye West’s has been revealed.

Us Weekly reports that the 808s & Heartbreak rapper has taken up an internship at the Gap offices in an effort to expand his résumé into the fashion world.

“He works all the time, and one Friday night recently, he stayed until 12 a.m. He’s learning the fashion business from the inside and trying to do it quietly,” says a source.

Meanwhile, the company confirmed to StyleList, “Kanye’s been spending time working in Gap’s offices, working with [the Gap’s Executive Vice President of Design] Patrick Robinson, as he’s interested in gaining more firsthand experience of the fashion industry.”

Will they teach Kanye the secret to properly folding khakis for display? Time will tell!

Until then, share your thoughts in the comments section: Does Kanye West have what it takes to succeed as a Gap intern?

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