“Steppin’ Out” Magazine Steps All Over Michael Jackson

Not everyone is totally broken up over the death of music legend Michael Jackson last week.

With what might be called an anti-tribute, Steppin’ Out magazine is lashing out at the deceased King of Pop a mere week after his passing.

In a column charmingly entitled, “*sshole of the Week: Michael Jackson,” Steppin’ Out scribe Chaunce Hayden lambastes Jackson for his reputed inappropriate behavior with minor children. (Though Jackson had been accused multiple times of child molestation, he was never convicted of such a crime and was acquitted of child-molestation charges during a 2005 trial.)

“I refuse to jump on the ‘rest in peace, we love you, Michael’ bandwagon and shed tears over someone who was so f*cking despicable. How quickly the world forgets or conveniently chooses not to remember,” Hayden writes. “Allow me to quickly recap the life of this troubled superstar: Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Michael Jackson was a drug addict. Michael Jackson abused his own children both physically and emotionally. Michael Jackson was a deadbeat who owed millions in unpaid bills. Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson could sing and dance like a motherf*cker. And now, he’s dead. Boo hoo. What surprises me is how long this frail child molester was able to physically walk the earth.”

Wow, judge, jury and poison-penned journalist all in one!

The column concludes, “I will not mourn the death of Michael Jackson no more than I would mourn the death of any pedophile that hunts down children for deviant pleasure…Regardless of his musical abilities. Tonight, as I write this column, my heart and tears go out to those children who grew up much too soon thanks to the ‘King of Pop’.”

Harsh words, but it’s hardly a unique sentiment, as the national dialogue about the complicated life of Michael Jackson continues to unfold.

Let us know what you think in the comments section: Is Chaunce Hayden totally out of line, or does he have a point?