Daniel Radcliffe Confirms Emma Watson Brown University Rumors

Maybe Daniel Radcliffe needs a magic spell to keep him from blurting out his friends’ secrets.

While Radcliffe’s Harry Potter co-star, Emma Watson, has been trying to keep her academic plans under wraps, D-Rad has gone ahead and confirmed rumors that the actress will attend Brown University in the fall.

Discussing Watson’s academic prowess (and his own lack thereof), Radcliffe told British newspaper the Guardian, “Do you know her GCSE [General Certificate of Secondary Education] results?”  I was thrilled with mine—seven Bs, two As and an A*. I think Emma got three As and seven A*s—she’s incredibly academic, it’s frightening. Me and Rupert to all intents and purposes dropped out of school. And she’s going to Brown.”

Whoops; looks like the cat’s out of the bag! Good job, Dan!