Taylor Swift: Not the Brightest Patriot Ever

For Taylor Swift, the Fourth of July brings back painful memories. But that’s only because she can’t seem to learn from her own mistakes.

The Fearless singer writes on her MySpace blog, “I love Sparklers. They’re sparkly. I love sparkly things. And glitter. Anyway, story time: When I was younger, I was always that little kid who would run around picking up used sparklers off the ground and I would inevitably pick up the SCALDING HOT BURNING end that was still smoldering. Then cue the screaming bloody murder in front of everyone and running into the house to ice your hand. All the adults are shaking their heads because they saw you do the same thing last year. Gotta love humiliating childhood memories. Wish me luck this year. I think I’m gonna wear gloves.”

Well, at least she’s starting to learn, anyway.

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think Taylor should use gloves or oven mitts when she picks up used sparklers this year?