Jon Gosselin: Not Such A Smooth Criminal

Earlier, we showed you pictures of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Fourth Of July celebration with their eight children from this past weekend.

At their party, a witness told Life & Style that Jon lit sparklers, rockets, cherry bombs and firecrackers from his front lawn in broad daylight, right in front of his children and the lurking paparazzi. In flagrant violation of local statutes.

“Things got so loud that one ka-boom in particular sent all the kids scurrying back to the house,” the source said. Kate then yelled out, “Jon, I think that’s illegal in Pennsylvania!”

Thomas Deiterich of the Lower Heidelberg, Pennsylvania, police department told the magazine, “Fireworks are illegal for personal home use in the state of Pennsylvania.” However, the law is usually not enforced.

Oh, man. Drinking, alleged cheating, and now this. What’s he gonna do next?