Leighton Meester Has Plenty of 'Body Control'

Leighton Meester Has Plenty of 'Body Control'-photo

It's no sex tape or engagement rumor, but it's pretty damn hot!

A new song by Gossip Girl actress-turned singer Leighton Meester has found its way online.

Called "Body Control," the song is upbeat and sounds perfect for any club. Totally 80s!

Leighton recently released the music video for her new song with Cobra Starship called "Good Girls Go Bad."

We can't wait to hear the whole album! Can you?



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  • guest

    guys come on, sex tape rumours when cd is going to drop, catchy or not its a publicity move lol

  • Tene

    this song is crap. I love her as an actress - maybe she should stick with her day job (acting). What is it with actors/actresses turning into muso's all of a sudden - PEOPLE... stick with one profession - the one you're good at!!

  • Mel

    Awesome song! I'm a fan of her acting and now, i think it's safe to say I'm a fan of her music as well.

  • iloveleighton

    OMG, I loved Good Girls Go Bad, but this song is even better! Can't wait for her album. Leighton rocks.