VIDEO: Akon Talks About Working With Michael Jackson

Akon stopped by the Today Show this morning to talk about his friend Michael Jackson and his memories of his time spent with the King Of Pop.

The rapper first worked with MJ on the remix of his ’80s hit “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” for last year’s Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition.

Akon recalled how the meeting came about, saying that Jackson’s attorney Peter Lopez called him with Michael on the phone, but Akon thought he was joking and hung up on him! When he found out that it was really Michael on the phone, he hopped on a plane to Vegas the very next day.

He also talked about another song he and Michael collaborated on for Akon’s album, called “Hold My Hand,” which has fitting lyrics such as, “This life don’t last forever” that seem eerie now.

Will the new song be released to the public? He’s hopeful, but wants to let the Jackson family decide what to do with it.

His one word to sum up Michael Jackson, with whom he last spoke about three months ago?


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