Kendra Wilkinson Ignites Internet Gender War

Do clothes make the woman? It depends who you ask.

Acerbic blog What Would Tyler Durden Do invoked the ire of former Girls Next Door girl Kendra Wilkinson when they used a sexy photo of her to illustrate what it feels should be a proper dress code for the women of the world.

“Looks don’t really matter,” the chauvinistic diatribe reads. “Unless you’re unattractive or overweight, in which case looks very much do matter. If a girl is built like Kendra, she should dress exactly like Kendra.  Every day, all the time…If the girl isn’t built like Kendra, um…I don’t know.  I guess maybe an invisibility cloak or something.  What’s the point to even being a girl if you’re not gonna look like Kendra?”

And that just didn’t sit well with the subject of the photograph.

Irked by the blog’s attitude, Wilkinson fired off a response.

“Weight doesnt matter,” Wilkinson replied. “At the end of the day everybody has a different standard for what turns them on. There are probably tons of men out there that find thick librarians smokin hottt! LOL. The way i dress represents who i am and i think everyone should just dress in whatever makes them feel good.”

And just for good measure, Wilkinson added, “And while im totally flattered u like the way i look and dress…i just hope u dont make other women feel like they have to wear a ‘cloak’ if they dont look like a playmate!”

Touché, Kendra, touché.

Have your say in the comments section: Who do you think won this round of the gender wars?