Kendra Wilkinson Vows to Raise a Christian Baby

While she might not have the most pious of résumés, Kendra Wilkinson is intent on raising her child-to-be in a religious manner.

The former Girls Next Door girl, who wed Philadelphia Eagles footballer Hank Baskett at the Playboy mansion last weekend, tells Fox News, “Our child will definitely be Christian.”

New hubby Baskett adds that their parental style will be “very strict” but will still allow room to “spoil” their kids.

“But they are going to have to earn it, we’re not just going to hand it to them,” Baskett adds. “Most importantly, they have to keep good grades because school comes first and then everything else after that.”

Baskett, who notes that fatherhood “is something I’ve always wanted,” also says that he expects parenting to be a highly collaborative effort.

“We pretty much fell in love right away and when you ask someone to marry you that means you really want them to be the woman in charge of your family, the person to be your teammate in raising the child,” Baskett asserts.

How sweet.

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