Lindsay Lohan Sued Over Spray-Tan Formula

As if Lindsay Lohan didn’t already have enough career woes, now she’s been slapped with a lawsuit over her spray tan Sevin Nyne.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that local chemist Jennifer Sunday has filed a suit alleging that Lohan and business parter Lorin Simon ripped off her formula for the product.

According to the official Sevin Nyne lore, Lohan and Simon developed the formula for the fake tanner over the past three years, but Sunday claims that she only recently completed the ingredients in the product.

Documentation in the lawsuit indicates that Sunday’s company, White Wave International Labs, entered into a confidentiality agreement back in January. The suit further claims that Simon and Sunday had been negotiating over samples of the tanning mist—which launched in March—but the sides couldn’t agree on a price.

“We are certainly looking for the profits that are being generated right now from that product,” Sunday’s attorney, Marcia Cohen, tells the paper. “If Ms. Lohan and Ms. Simon and their companies and their shareholders are profiting from the theft of my client’s formula and are profiting from that product, my client is entitled to those proceeds.”

Sunday is suing Lohan, Simon, and Simon’s company for breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, civil conspiracy, intentional interference with contractual relations and deceptive and unfair trade practices.

The tan may be fake, but if Sunday’s lawsuit succeeds, Lindsay will be feeling the burn for real.