Michael Bay Has Secret Megan Fox Footage

Michael Bay Has Secret Megan Fox Footage-photo

Oh, he's a sly one, that Michael Bay!

The British Guardian is reporting that as an "audition," the Transformers 2 director had Megan Fox wash his Ferrari while he filmed her. And the footage? Fox has no idea what happened to it!

So, Page Six recently grilled the director about the whereabouts of the video. His response? "Er, I don't know where it is either."

At least we have this video to watch for now.



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  • poop

    awsome!! give me that video so i can stop jerking off to transformers and entertainment weekly

  • Guest27

    sickos, what kind of audition is that? seems more like a porno to me!

  • hahaha

    lol wow, they have no class