Rare Lady GaGa: “Second Time Around”

Are you ready for some more Lady GaGa in your life?

We hope so, because a demo for the previously unreleased song “Second Time Around” has made its way onto the Internet, showing a new musical side of The Pantsless One. Check it out:

Not that the “Poker Face” singer is thrilled that the song has seen the light of day. When she discovered that this until-now unearthed melodic gem had been dug up and thrown onto the Web, GaGa took to her Twitter account and huffed, “I wrote ‘Second Time Around’ recently for a current recording artist. I don’t know why people insist on leaking my work.”

Um, because you’re a universally cherished musical icon and the world just can’t get enough of you? You just might have to live with it, Lady.

Let us know in the comments section: What do you think of Lady GaGa’s “Second Time Around”?

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