Katherine Heigl Loves Girl Power

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Katherine Heigl's newest rom-com The Ugly Truth hits theaters on July 24, and to promote her latest vehicle, Hollywood's fifth-highest-paid actress discusses the art of manipulating men, girl power, and the future of her acting career in the UK edition of Marie Claire.

"I think a lot of women innately know how to play their hand," Heigl says of her gender's ability to sway the male species. "I'm not a big one for the rules."

Heigl has a history of feminism, expressing criticism of her career-making movie Knocked Up for its "humorless and uptight" portrayal of women. With this as her public image, the new film only makes sense for her because it presents a battle of wits between the sexes.

"I’m not out burning bras, but I’m very opinionated about women owning their power," Heigl asserts. "I look back at my twenties and see that I was much less confident. You repress how you really feel because society tells us what women think isn’t valid, that we’re frivolous and shallow."

Even as she stars in what just might be the summer's biggest romcom, The Ugly Truth could be one of the last of its kind for Heigl. Reviewers have long commented that her talent would be put to better use in something other than a chick-flick, and she's starting to slowly come around to their point of view.

"I know I’m catching some crap for it, but I really like doing them. People keep asking me if I want to do anything more serious, or Oscar-worthy, and I do, but I’m not quite there yet," Heigl says.

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section: How long do you think it will be before Katherine Heigl becomes an Oscars-level actress?



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  • Esther

    She is an idiot and is not worthy of anything else. She thinks she is all that and she is NOT!

  • called airbrushing
    called airbrushing

    You peeps are all stupid. She openly admitted (finally) to not giving a damn about rules and manipulating people, and you morons still kiss her ass. I guess that lets us know how much credibility ya'll don't have.

  • victoria

    she is so pretty on the cover!!!!

  • AT

    She already is at that level..just needs the project. She has an Emmy already..and could get a second this year imho.

  • missbrightside

    not too long! She's very talented!