Megan Fox Is a Bloody Babe

Megan Fox Is a Bloody Babe-photo

Yes, that's Megan Fox!

You've seen the trailer for the new horror flick Jennifer's Body, now feast your eyes on this new promo shot from the film.

Here's the Transformers 2 actress in all of her possessed, man-eating glory.

So, one question remains: Would Michael Bay still have let her wash his car if she looked like this?

Discuss Megan's bloody fangs below!



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  • Matek Konieczkowski
    Matek Konieczkowski

    Great thanks for the share of info. Will use this on my new web :)

  • mike1

    By the looks of that photo I would not come home to her drunk.

  • domitay

    The trailers look a little unconvincing , hope the film has better stuff to offer Dominic is an internet marketer helping other internet marketers Make Money From Home and getting Targeted Traffic to their sites through article marketing.

  • reneelucky7

    I would much rather spend money on a REAL movie then to see that crap. Besides, there are tons of porno's on the internet with girls that look much better than she does doing everything under the sun. I would rather spend my money on weed than a movie ticket for her movie

  • shir2411

    pressure :|

  • bntommy

    Megan fox is a FOX, I'd see it just for her!

  • RR

    she shouldn't be allowed on BiG Screen ... lol someone show her to the P O R N industry, she's so perfect for it...

  • reneelucky7

    Mmmm, it is amazing how Hollywood cranks out bad movies like Mc Donalds cranks out cheeseburgers. Sex sells, and this will be the only reason why this movie will be successful- because Megan is a untalented sex object used by Hollywood to make money.

  • lol

    huh? wat make-up? Isn't that Megan Fox's natural face???

  • trent

    this movie is going to be wild judging from the pics is going to be an insane movie congrats to diablo cody and megan and i hope that pic is on the cover of fangoria magazine

  • LAG

    So is the movie about killing boys?

  • no comment
    no comment

    im a fan of Diablo Cody and since she wrote this, im looking forward to seeing it

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I'd still hit it.

  • ano

    Bad make up , CG.......