The Jonas Brothers Are Quitting Music

Like, OMG!

No, girls, you can settle down! The Jonas Brothers aren’t really quitting music. It’s just for a day while they were on the set of their newest magazine photospread for Time Out New York.

Nick, Joe, and the recently-engaged Kevin served as guest music editors for the new issue, recommending their favorite bands and things to do in NYC.

Of course, they still talk about their own music in the interview and what their future holds.

“Me personally, I hope to do more acting,” Joe says. “We’ve done a television show and a movie, and I think it’d be cool. Nick, he wants to do more music throughout his life. And Kevin, I think he wants to get into directing.” Kevin confirms, “I like the other side of it. I like analyzing, that whole thing.”

What about their fans? “Our audience is growing up with us, but we’re always open to having new listeners,” Joe says. “Even now, people are like, ‘Oh, dude, you’re at the top’—and we’re like, ‘Ahhh, we just started.’?”

For the entire article, head over to TONY, and don’t forget to check out the super-hot pictures of the boys from their photospread!

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