Heidi Montag’s Gonna Work it All Out

Not content with her fabulous TV career and budding musical endeavors, Hills villainess Heidi Montag is becoming a fitness guru.

People magazine reports that Montag is launching a downloadable workout series featuring “full-body, intense resistance exercises” in conjunction with trainer Chad Waterbury.

“Staying fit is something I’m really passionate about,” Montag notes. “I work out with a strength-and-conditioning coach 90 minutes a day, five days a week.”

And now she want to share her secrets with you. The series, titled The Heidi Workout, will also include nutritional advice, such as avoiding “white” carbs and loading up on lean, grass-fed beef.

So will the diet and exercise tips work for the couch-dwelling Hills obsessives? Quite possibly, as Waterbury notes that they’ve definitely worked for Montag herself.

“When she came to me her butt was really flat and she wanted to make it bigger,” says Waterbury. “Now, it’s nice, shapely and round.”

Sounds like a ringing endorsement to us.

But what about you? Tell us in the comments section: Will you be subscribing to Heidi’s fitness advice?