Kate Gosselin to Attend Annual Women’s Conference

Kate Gosselin, a role model for women everywhere?

We hope not, but the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has been invited anyway to the Annual Women’s Conference by event organizer Maria Shriver, E! Online reports.

The event, which is billed as “the largest and most dynamic gathering of women in the nation,” claims that it “unites more than 80 internationally-acclaimed leaders, visionaries  and authors with 14,000 women in one arena, plus thousands more online.” This year’s conference, which will also be attended by Katie Couric, Kelly Preston, Cindy McCain, Elizabeth Edwards and Madeleine Albright, will be held October 26-27 in Long Beach, California.

According to Shriver, the suggestion to invite Gosselin came from her teenage daughters, who are fans of Jon &  Kate Plus 8, and the invitations were sent out five months ago, before Kate’s marriage to hubby Jon Gosselin imploded on a national stage.

Hey, it really is true; comedy is all about timing!

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think that Kate Gosselin deserves a spot at this esteemed gathering?