Kate Gosselin to Attend Annual Women's Conference

Kate Gosselin to Attend Annual Women's Conference-photo

Kate Gosselin, a role model for women everywhere?

We hope not, but the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has been invited anyway to the Annual Women's Conference by event organizer Maria Shriver, E! Online reports.

The event, which is billed as "the largest and most dynamic gathering of women in the nation," claims that it "unites more than 80 internationally-acclaimed leaders, visionaries  and authors with 14,000 women in one arena, plus thousands more online." This year's conference, which will also be attended by Katie Couric, Kelly Preston, Cindy McCain, Elizabeth Edwards and Madeleine Albright, will be held October 26-27 in Long Beach, California.

According to Shriver, the suggestion to invite Gosselin came from her teenage daughters, who are fans of Jon &  Kate Plus 8, and the invitations were sent out five months ago, before Kate's marriage to hubby Jon Gosselin imploded on a national stage.

Hey, it really is true; comedy is all about timing!

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think that Kate Gosselin deserves a spot at this esteemed gathering?



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  • kelly

    kate stay strong grl cuase all jon is a moron he needs tu grow up n b a man u shud take all his money n fa get bout hym

  • Eliz

    Wow. You guys are really giving Kate Gosselin a bad rap. Her husband is off reliving his late adolescence - you know, dating young girls, piercing his ears, wearing tacky and overpriced Ed Hardy - while Kate is raising the kids and looking after the contracts that bring in the money that keeps these kids in clothes with a (large) roof over their heads...and it takes A LOT of money to raise 8 children well. I don't see Jon following through on any of this - although he sure is enjoying the financial benefits. Kate may be shrill, but she's also smart, dedicated and hardworking. Jon? He just wants to be a teenager who complains about "mom" while she works to foot the bill. It isn't only the kids who have some growing up to do....

  • Charl

    If you include Kate Gosselin you will take the shine off this fabulous event. What could she possibly contribute. How to destroy a marriage and use your children for self gain? Maria Shriver invited her on the say so of her CHILDREN?!? How riduculous! Now that things have changed (not actually changed, just the truth finally came out) shouldn't she be uninvited? I would guess that would be the thing to do. But, she will go and make a fool of herself. Hey, maybe she will hit Maria Shriver or Elizabeth Edwards as she did to Jon and then her guests when Jon would no longer get close enough to her. Just ask Emeril. Please uninvite her!

  • smalltownmama

    She doesn't belong in the same room as these women. Conference heads uninvite her before you lose your reputation as an event to watch and respect. This lady has never accomplished anything in her life that is worthy of anyone's time or money.

  • Guest125

    I agree with Guest27 Im voting for John and Kate Plus 8 for best reality show for the Teen Choice Awards...and yes I would love to see who would come up on stage to accept the award because that would sure spark some drama between John and Kate!!!!!! There is bound to be tension

  • Sally

    What does she bring to the table? She has no relationship with her biologogical family, she's not a singer or actor, she's an x-nurse, soon to be divorced mother who happens to have 8 children...so what!!

  • noah

    She should definitely be allowed to attend... but only if she wears that awesome high waisted bikini of hers. Mom sex sells.

  • FEB




  • Guest27

    I am voting Jon and Kate plus 8, best reality show, for Teen Choice Awards, because I wanna see who will come on stage to get the prize, and I WANNA see some drama between the two exes on stage or at least sense the tension. They'll be so shocked they won, they won't even have rehearsed a speeched, because they must think it'll go to The hills or Keeping up with Kardashians, because of their divorce and publicity. It'll be fun!!!!

  • Denise504

    Wow, What really does Kate have to say that MAYBE important.. I hope she doesn't go to the conference screaming and yelling, then getting on EVERYONES NERVE. That she is famous for and nothing else, she is miserable with herself, poor Jon why did he stick around so long with her craziness, mad hateful attitude.