Margaret Cho Dreams of Extramarital Sex

Margaret Cho Dreams of Extramarital Sex-photo

When comedienne Margaret Cho lays her head down on the pillow next to her husband Al Ridenour at night, her thought tend to turn to...sleeping with other guys.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Cho goes into detail about her last memorable dream—and it didn't include hubby.

"The other night I dreamed that I was having sex with somebody that was not my husband—I don’t know who," Cho admits. was it?

"My friend came in and filled up my toiletries bag with water, so I was distracted from the sex," Cho adds.

Wet dreams: You're doing them wrong, Margaret.



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  • blueduck

    Margaret Cho is a hotwife...get with it people!

  • js

    I thought Margaret Cho was a lesbian...didn't she used to promote that about herself?

  • reneelucky7

    I feel like what she is saying so so disrespectful to her man. This is a pathetic attempt to get into the spotlight. I am getting married- and it makes me sick that marriage is seen like a joke nowadays, Note to Margaret- if you wanted to be a tramp- then why get married to start with? Ugggg