Mary-Louise Parker Strips For Pie

Mary-Louise Parker Strips For Pie-photo

We'll have an order of whatever she's baking!

Here's Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker looking downright sexy in the new issue of Esquire.

In these scantily clad pics, she sports an apron and not much else, exposing her extremely toned tush.

She told the mag, "I like posing nude and I persuaded the editor to pose nude, too, so that he could see what it's like for me. Nudity is the greatest costume because no one is looking at you as a person all they see is your body."

Oh, and she's 44 years old!

To hear "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" read by a lingerie-wearing Mary-Louise, watch the video below:

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  • MHC2009

    Nancy Is Such A MILF Rep Your Hood @ MYHOODCLOTHING

  • noah

    My grandfather used to cook in his underwear and an apron -- too funny. Although, in his later years when the Alzheimer's kicked in the whole "forgetting of the underwear" part kind of made for some interesting dinner preparation.

  • charliemurphy

    Ass pie? Yes, I would like a slice.