Michael Jackson and His Kids: Family Photos

Michael Jackson fiercely protected his children’s privacy during his lifetime, usually only bringing them out in public with their faces shielded by some kind of covering.

But now OK! Magazine is presenting a more intimate view of the King of Pop’s spawn with family photos featuring Jackson, his daughter Paris, and her older brother, Prince Michael I.

One photo shows Jackson helping Prince celebrate his sixth birthday in 2003 at Jackson’s famed compound Neverland Ranch with a Spider-man themed party.

In another shot, taken in 1998, Prince welcomes new baby sis Paris with his dad and mom, Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

Yet another photo shows Prince and Paris playing dress-up in Neverland in 2001, with Prince wearing a smart suit and Paris in a white gown and veil.

It’s a nice glimpse back at happier times for the kids, and a rare glimpse of Michael Jackson fulfilling the role of family man.

More photos of Jackson at play with  his children can be seen in the latest issue of OK! Magazine, on newsstands now.