Michael Jackson: The Glove Was A Coverup

Was Michael Jackson’s signature sequined white glove more than a fashion statement?

According to a friend of the late pop star, the glove was initially designed to hide the early stages of his skin disease.

Actress Cicely Tyson, a longtime friend of Jackson, has revealed her and Michael had the same fashion designer in the ’80s, and she witnessed him design his famous glove firsthand.

In an interview with Larry King, she recalls, “All of a sudden, he said, ‘I’m doing this glove for Michael.'”

She explained, “Michael was beginning to develop the vitiligo and it started on his hand. The glove was to cover the vitiligo; that’s how that glove came into being.”

“I was there when he was creating it.”

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Jackson’s glove this week. At Tuesday’s memorial service, Brooke Shields told a story about how she joked with Michael about his glove, explaining that she used to say, “What’s up with the glove?”