Michael Jackson’s Drug Abuse: 10+ Xanax Per Day

More disturbing news has emerged today about the late King of Pop’s out-of-control drug use.

CNN is reporting that not only did Michael Jackson regularly consume over 10 Xanax pills a night, he was also “asking his employees to get the prescription sleep medicine under their names and also personally traveling to doctor’s offices in other states to obtain them.”

The information was contained in a 2004 Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department document that contains in-depth interviews with some of Michael’s past security guards in preparation for his 2005 child molestation trial.

One former employee told investigators that he had openly talked to other staffers about Jackson’s misuse of drugs, while a second staffer told them that “Jackson was doing better because he was down from 30 to 40 Xanax pills a night.”

Authorities are still waiting the toxicology reports from the coroner’s office to determine the exact cause of death. Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton explained, “Based on those, we will have an idea of what it is we are dealing (with): are we dealing with a homicide or are we dealing with an accidental overdose?”