Jon Gosselin Plus His New Girlfriend

Jon Gosselin Plus His New Girlfriend-photo

Well, that didn't take long!

Jon Gosselin was spotted vacationing with rumored new girlfriend Hailey Glassman in St Tropez this weekend.

Fans of the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 may recognize her as the daughter of the doctor who performed some plastic surgery on Kate Gosselin on the show!

Ouch. Check out the new happy couple in our gallery and let us know what you think in the comments section below!



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  • andiethewestie

    He's a TOTAL douche. And for the uninformed he's not divorced yet. He's a loser who doesn't take responsibility for his family, he has his wife do all the dirty work and he's a saint. Yeah, right. Bull S. Once that turd started hitting the slopes and wearing earrings you know he checked out. No doubt the loser is doing dope just like the skank he has for a girlfriend.

  • rimanda

    Ha is it just me or does the new girlfriend look like Kate with long hair?! haha

  • reneelucky7

    I think that it is a good think that he has moved on with his life. It is plain to see that his marriage with Kate has been over for some time now. When you are in a bad relationship, it is like having a dark clound haning over your head- a burden. I do not think that this man has any reason to hide the fact that he has moved on with his life. When I broke up with my ex, I felt like their has been a weight lifted off my sholders. And when I met the love of my life- everything in my life fell into place perfectly. My ex was hateful and jealous- but I didn't care. I don't think that John should be hiding in a cave with his girlfriend. It is summer time- time to enjoy your life and feel free.

  • noah

    I think this new girlfriend only wants his magical sperm to start her own super-ninja-army of half-white, half-Asian babies.

  • dell42

    Im so tired of hearing about Jon and Kate. Ya Kate was a terrible at times ...But Jon cant pretend that he didnt know she was controlling like that before he married her. He dealt with it for nine years and all of a sudden he doesnt want to anymore..Hes weird. But what i really dont get is why Jon claims he doesnt want to be in the spot light but then rigth after he gets divorced he goes and get s a new girlfriend and their all over each other in public.It makes no sense.YA thats good for the kids to seeee. Ya Kate may be crazy bossy , but hes an idiot.

  • lacivita2

    Good luck jon, I'm glad you got rid of the b----- now enjoy your life with a person who will treat you with respect and will not try to control your life. You know one more child you can have a baseball team, i'm sure your ex would love to control that team to. good luck

  • m

    He is a liar one should ever believe him or support him by purchasing anything he has a hand in! This is what he said the first time they were together... "The two women with whom I've been photographed are family friends – Lauren Glassman and Lauren's daughter, Hailey," he tells PEOPLE. "Lauren's husband, Dr. Larry Glassman, performed Kate's tummy tuck surgery, and since the surgery we've become friendly with the Glassmans." Douchebag!!!!!!!!!

  • Shevi

    What's the point of the show if Jon and Kate aren't even together? It'll just be about the eight children. This show died when Jon and Kate stopped being real.They're ruining the image of their family like show with all this BS. If they didn't want to be together, why start out the show that way? No one's going to watch a show where the people have to be constantly putting up this damn facade. I agree Brandy. The show has lost its priorities and they're now just using the kids for fame. I can't believe TLC is still letting this sorry excuse for a show continue to air.

  • lorrie

    maybe kate had right to treat him the way she did, not that im on either side,, i watch the show for the children,,,but for jon to get a girlfriend that fast he must of been cheating for sometime, if was me i'd be mean to him too.

  • ginger

    kate has treated jon as the overgrown child he is... she was raising 9 kids instead of 8... can't believe all the people throwing a pity party for him... he is a wimp and extremely pathetic... hope he is not traveling with his "bimbo" on the money that he and kate earned together!!! he is desperately trying to be something he is not... time for him to grow up and take care of his responsibilities!!!

  • marilyn

    yuck!!! what's up with his nasty beer belly. He is such a loser, Kate might not have treated well, and his kids might not a clue what his dad is doing, but those children will become men and women, and when they find everything their dad did they will lose all respect for him. So sad to see a man think with his penis and not his brain and heart.

  • Truth

    Jon needs to grow up and do what is right for his kids! And him and Kate both need to keep the kids out of the relationship droma

  • brandy

    and why is she wearing diamond ring on her left hand ring finger??

  • brandy

    kate was not appreciative of jon at all during the show--but i think a month after filing for divorce is a bit soon to be traipsing around paris with new girlfriend. he kept saying during the divorce ep that his kids were his top priority and he has shown no sign of that all during this time. kate just wants to be in the spotlight and pimp out herself and her kids for more money. i don't think either of them should have the kids--they are not looking out for their best interests.

  • katesside

    Jon is a super loser. He wore the red Indiana University tee (his girlfriend's college) to his children's birthday party as a smack in the face to Kate. If he was really such a great dad he would not have brought the drama to their birthday party. I understand Kate's position. If he won't accept responsiblity she has to by providing for her children, taking control of the house, etc. Without her personality and drive, they would have been a family of 10 living off our tax dollars. He would not have been able to provide for them.

  • Ann Onimous
    Ann Onimous


  • reneelucky7

    I am super happy for him. I think that his ex wife took hom for granted. There is this saying that 'you don't know what you have till it is gone". And this is true for their failed marriage. When you take a person for granted- they they have the right to move on. She treated him so badly- and now she is the one looking sad and alone.

  • lisa

    @Burning. Are you that slow? Have you even seen his wife. She treats him like a child, yells at him constantly. On top of that she is banging her bodyguard. Talk about having no respect its her. John should try to find happiness in life doing anything in my opinion. He lived through hell with a horrible woman. I fully support anything that makes him happy.

  • Buming

    It is just plain mean to his ex-wife and children to be flaunting a new relationship so soon. No respect at all.

  • awhileago

    I hope the girl isn't using him or vice versa. Jon don't flaunt this in the children's face. Kate is trying to throw you under the bus and play innocent but most people that has seen her with Steve Neild can see through that nonsense. Be happy but take care of your kids.

  • Danceeerrr

    He looks sooo much happyer with her then with Kate. If this is what makes him happy then im happy for him!

  • sco

    hes divorced, let him do what he wants