Jon Gosselin Ditches New Girlfriend, Runs Up Epic Bar Tab

Jon Gosselin apparently had a grand old time in St. Tropez this weekend. And the presence of his new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, apparently was only part of the reason.

E! Online reports that, on Saturday night, as Glassman succumbed to jet lag, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad kicked the party into overdrive with his new buddy, clothing designer Christian Audigier. A mole notes that, while Glassman decided to catch some ZZZZ’s back at the hotel, Gosselin and Audigier hit up the swanky nightclub Les Caves du Roy and whooped it up until 5 a.m., running up an impressive bar tab.

How impressive?

“Their bill there could have been as much as $50,000,” a club source notes. “They looked like they were having a lot of fun.”

For that kind of money, they better have had fun!

The next night, as Glassman once again hung back at the hotel, Gosselin and Audigier once again painted the town red, enjoying a late, alcohol-fueled dinner at the private villa of an Audigier pal. Gosselin eventually made it back to his hotel in the wee hours of the morning, looking a bit worse for wear.

“He looked drunk,” says a source who spotted the reality-TV star in the hotel lobby. “But in St. Tropez people drink wine every night with dinner.”

Yeah, but by the barrel-full?

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