Chace Crawford Abandons Ed Westwick

It’s over. One of the greatest bromances in modern history has reached an end.

Us Magazine reports that, as predicted earlier this year, Chace Crawford has up and moved out of the Chelsea apartment that he was sharing with his Gossip Girl castmate Ed Westwick. The two had been roomies since first being cast on the hit series.

Crawford vacated the apartment on Monday, and has moved on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky—specifically, the penthouse of the Dwell95 building in New York’s financial district.

So what was the reason for the break-up? Did Chace figure he could finally afford a crib of his own now that he’s poised for mega-stardom in the upcoming Footloose remake?

No; apparently he was tired of Westwick’s slovenly ways and the messes he left around the apartment.

What; didn’t either of them ever watch The Odd Couple? That sort of situation is usually comedy gold!

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think it was a smart move for Chace to move out on Ed, or do you think they could have made it work if they just stuck it out a little longer?