Janet Jackson Goes Back to Work

Janet Jackson Goes Back to Work-photo

Barely two weeks after her brother Michael Jackson's tragic death, Janet Jackson is pulling herself together and getting back to what she does best: entertaining.

Radar Online reports that, as of Monday, Janet is back on the Atlanta, Georgia, set of the sequel to Tyler Perry's 2007 comedy Why Did I Get Married? (Jackson is reprising her role as Patricia.)

According to Malik Yoba, who played Jackson's love interest Gavin in the original and has also signed on for the sequel, Janet is holding up well, recent family tragedy notwithstanding.

"For those of you who are curious about the state of Ms. Jackson, all seems well," Yoba posted on his audio blog. "She's here at work and we've got a couple of serious scenes to shoot today."

Well, they can't be as serious as what Jackson has been dealing with in real life lately.

Yoba further notes that the cast will shoot for another week, before moving on to the Bahamas.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think it's too soon after Michael's death for Janet to be working again, or will throwing herself into creative projects be therapeutic for Jackson?



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  • nipbru

    I think janet is strong and she will get through her brothers death.And also, it's a great idea to raise the kids.everyone saw how the daughter looked to you for comfort after she talked about her father was the best dad ever at the memorial service. so be strong Janet and be there for the kids.

  • Lyn

    Janet we love you. Working and staying busy is a good thing. It is not to quick for her to go back to work. Tyler Perry is a true man and the cast love her. She is supported by much love and support right now.This is what she need during the time of healing. We love you Janet and stay strong. We are praying with your family.

  • brenda

    MJ's autopsy report finally came out. It turns out he choked on a little bone. ASSHAT

  • iRage

    i dont think its too soon. at least he's buried.... right?

  • iRage

    MJ's autopsy report finally came out. It turns out he choked on a little bone. ur a retard

  • iRage

    MJ's autopsy report finally came out. It turns out he choked on a little bone. ur a retard

  • ladyhawk

    Wherever, Janet go, her brother is with her in her heart. I am sure her brother Mj would want her to go on with her life and be strong for his 3 children.

  • PleaseStop

    I don't think it's too soon for her to be back....she is a very very strong woman and this may actually help her get through this terrible time... WE LOVE U SOOOO MUCH JANET!! stay strong and georgous.

  • cutichick0100

    I think she a strong women although MJ death but she can pull it together ,,, We love so much Janet and stay strong... XOXO

  • ROC

    No it's not to soon, Janet keep it moving, that way you don't sit around and hear the media talk nagative about your brother. A lot of people are fake, because they didn't preciate Michael when he was alive. I did, so I'm comfortable with his death, and he can rest in peace now. Stay Strong jackson family

  • abc123kag3yadig

    Janet we know that you used to serve the true god 'JEHOVAH' if you stay by his side god will bless you for the rest of your life .if you look in the bible there is a scripure that god will resurect all the people who past faithfully and stayed strong for 'JEHOVAH' so never forget JEHOVAH and stay strong and he will bring back Michael into your life[pray to Jehovah and never forget that Michael is always in your heart!!!!!!!!!]-from EmaraValentine age:12 & NakeishaGardner age:13 and if we can take in knoledge of Jehovah so can you be in gods heart & so can Michael next time around.

  • abc123kag3yadig

    stay strong janet we love you both and ill be sure to pray for you all love and kisses

  • styles-p

    I mean it will never be long enough to get over her brothers' death. She's been in this industry all her life with also a very stern father, so getting back to work is probably something shes' been taught to do. That no matter what, work is work. So you could just imagine, that throughout her whole life, what else has she been going through while working. No its not too soon.

  • ...no one...
    ...no one...

    Whatever no he didnt thats disrespectful of you... and a comment for the the above article it all depends on how people deal with grief and issues to no one really knows

  • stallown3d

    MJ's autopsy report finally came out. It turns out he choked on a little bone.