Tony Romo Is Getting Over Jessica Simpson Pretty Well

Tony Romo isn’t spilling any tears over his break-up with Jessica Simpson.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who called it quits with Simpson last Thursday, was spotted having a grand old time on the town Monday night, Life & Style reports.

Romo hit the town with buddies Ryan Cabrera and Dennis Haskins (also known as Saved by the Bell’s Mr. Belding), taking in a set by hair-metal tribute band Steel Panther at Hollywood watering hole Key Club and living it up in one of the club’s VIP booths.

“He looked like he hadn’t a care in the world,” reports a mole on the scene. “He was laughing and high-five-ing his friends all night. He and Ryan were inseparable. They were hugging each other and giggling while they checked out all the hot chicks dancing onstage.”

Indeed, Romo may have even been laying down the groundwork for a new relationship, according to the eyewitness.

“One girl in a little black dress was getting really crazy. She was treating her time onstage like an audition at a strip club,” reports the source. “It totally caught the boys’ eyes and they started throwing ice at her and motioning for the bouncer to call her over. The pretty girl found her way over and started talking to Tony. He invited her up to the booth but refused to pose for a photo with her. She got a little discouraged and started to walk away. But moments later Tony whispered in his friend’s ear and sure enough the friend followed the pouting beauty. Soon enough she was smiling again and back at the VIP table.”

Well, we’re sure Jessica was having a good time last night too. Right? Probably. Maybe.

Tell us in the comments section: Should Tony be whooping it up so soon after his breakup with Jessica?