Anne Hathaway as The White Queen

Anne Hathaway as The White Queen-photo

A new picture of Anne Hathaway as The White Queen from Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland has surfaced.

She seems absolutely heavenly in her white dress and dark red lipstick.

It also seems like Anne has a new friend: a Dormouse. 

Between this pic and the other photos that have been released, it looks like this is going to be a fantastic movie.

We can't wait to see more photos revealing what Burton has in store for us in his remake.

Let us know in the comments section: Are you excited to see what Burton, Hathaway and Johnny Depp will do with Alice in Wonderland?



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  • laroka

    I'm dying to see the movie looks like it will cer mt interesting

  • Laroka

    I'm dying to see the movie looks like it will cer mt interesting

  • toadstool

    its not a remake... time burtons alice in wonderland is really through the looking glass, part two from the originaly. I think he named it alice in wonderland because if he named it through the looking glass, no one will know whats he trying to make....

  • raceylacey

    I think the movie will be very interesting although it is a remake - Helena Bonham Carter,Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp are playing - this means the movie will be very good =]

  • Liv


  • Ehhhhhhh

    I would expect more from Tim Burton. His Remake of the Chocolate Factory was garbage and Johnny Depp played a horrible role. He's shown us in the past that he can write brilliant stories and make wonder screenplays out of them. These days, all hollywood does is remakes and shows no new creativity. Im very disappointed that Burton is doing a remake. Would have liked to see him do some of his own material. Im sure depp's mad hatter character will reek of his hunter s tompson character from fear and loathing, mixed with jack sparrow.

  • missbrightside