Hailey Glassman’s Lesbian Lover Says Jon Gosselin Is in for a World of Hurt

Jon Gosselin should probably have waited a little while before slapping that engagement ring on his new girlfriend Hailey Glassman’s finger.

Radar Online reports that Glassman’s former lesbian lover, Joy Lawlor, has come out of the woodwork to let Gosselin know that he’s not exactly heading down the primrose path with his current lady-love.

“You are wasting your time with Hailey. She’ll destroy you,” Lawlor warns.

According to Lawlor, she met Glassman when she was 18 and attending Indiana University (where Glassman would eventually enroll herself). Apparently, a particular detail in Lawlor’s online profile caught Glassman’s attention—and it wasn’t Joy’s academic major.

“I was 18, studying biology and I put on my profile that I was a lesbian,” Lawlor recalls. “Hailey mailed me and said that she was interested in going to IU. She also said she was interested in lesbianism. When she finally joined IU she said it had mainly been because of me…We became close and began making out in my apartment. Soon she told me she loved me.”

However, things eventually went sour between the sapphic duo, largely due to Glassman’s hard-partying ways.

“It was Hailey who introduced me to cocaine and I did it with her in her dormitory room,” Lawlor remembers. “She was also smoking marijuana.”

And now, Lawlor warns, Glassman is bound to bring similar misery to Gosselin’s life, probably sooner rather than later.

“The last thing Jon needs to do is stick around that woman,” Lawlor says. “She will use him to make herself famous and then she will leave him for someone else she can profit from…Anyone, be they male or female, is a target. She just wants to make people do whatever she wishes. That’s what she is going to do to Jon. The best thing he could do is get as far away as possible from her. She is toxic.”

Better listen up, Jon. The woman is speaking with the voice of experience.

Let us know in the comments section: Should Jon Gosselin cut and run from Hailey Glassman at his earliest possible opportunity?