Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Reunite at Comic-Con

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Reunite at Comic-Con-photo

Great news, Twi-hards!

Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have had a country between them for the last couple of months, but E! Online reports that the two will reunite at comic-book convention Comic-Con in San Diego, California, next week.

Apparently, Pattinson is "on schedule" to finish up filming of Remember Me in time to jet out to the convention for an appearance next Thursday. Meanwhile, Stewart will take enough of a break from filming The Runaways in Los Angeles to make the short trip down to San Diego for a "whirlwind" appearance at the gathering.

And a "whirlwind" reunion with Pattinson?

Quite possibly, as word is that the two will be staying in the same San Diego hotel.

The only question is, will Kristen be able to forgive Rob for any dalliances he might have indulged in while in New York?

Let us know in the comments section: Are you excited for Robsten to be reunited at Comic-Con?



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  • xe124

    yessss finally they're back together

  • Jay

    i really hope ppl wont ask stupid questions about their relationship. i mean i dnt see the big deal about rob. i mean yeah hes cute but whats the difference from seeing a cute guy at the mall?and ppl scream and shout for what?its all very sad to me how ppl react.

  • Love is in the Air
    Love is in the Air

    Summit and the Rags put that story in about a so called romance between Rob and Emilie. Summit wants Rob single, that's what they think his fans want. Plus to promote this film. I hope the film shows some chemistry because those pix by the rags sure didn't. I want the movie to succeed for Rob. Rob and Kristen are in love and you can't stop what the heart wants. They will probably keep it private for awhile. Just looking forward to those pix like at the Charlie Hotel. So happy they are together and reuniting soon.

  • kim

    I'M sure about it !! no question she will say ``appologies accepted``!! Bahh I WOULD ! And by the way,, im sure he even do nothing

  • Michelle

    Why would she care? They're not even a couple! I doubt they ever were more than justt friends. If they were why would anyone like them? Dumping one guy to go out with another just isn't cool at all. How would you like it if that happened to you? Why is it anyone's business anyway?

  • bellabells68

    Love to see Kristen and Robert together again. Just hope the paps don't go too crazy.

  • amazeofgrace

    leave them be.....if it's meant to be it will be, but the fans and press are sure to detroy it at this rate!

  • ashleyyyyy

    i wonder what the questionS will be??arrrrr so are u both going out or what?? lol i want someone to just say it out right or they meet each other and kiss each other in front of everyone that would cause a massive media frenzy lol ily ROBSTEN!!!!

  • Jane

    Then again, when they see each other maybe all that hotness while making New Moon in Italy has worn off. Maybe they will get it back thru Eclipse which will be good for the movie.

  • medina

    omg this is perfect rob date kristen again NOW!!!!!!! i love it if the ddated again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sHARON Q.
    sHARON Q.

    HELLS YEAH!!! that would be perfect! its just what they need, and if the rumors abt them being together and breaking are true then hopefully they can get back together.!! cause lets face it, THATS WHAT WE ALL WANT!!! ILY ROB AND KRISTEN!!!♥

  • robsessed

    ppl haven't u seen that he's really annoyed around that emily things and i'm 100% that he hasn'e even thought of likin her if he's really with kris(they are but we need more proves)

  • reneelucky7

    Real relationships form from basic friendships. When you feel "comfortable" with someone, it is easy for the friendship to progress into something deeper. My fiance is my best friend.

  • Sugargirl

    Very excited!

  • dabby

    wooo! i'm just so excited to see them again together apart from being reunited next month for the eclipse.i wish they are really an item but i do not want to expect to much because i don't want to be disappointed.maybe let's allow them to nourish their freindship first until it finally blossoms into something sweeter :)

  • Julianne

    No!!!!!! he'll probably just end up breaking her heart again

  • casay

    why not?? Wouldn't anybody?? Maybe she did the same thing! hell, I wouldn't care if he did all the girls in NY!!! I would totally care if he screwed all the girls in NY hes so unfaithful. if he were a real gentleman he wouldn't let a girl slip through his fingers if she were the one

  • lilly

    I would luv it if Rob and Kristen would get back together. they r perfect for each other!!!!! But he broke her heart once wut makes u think he wont do it again? If kstew is smart she'll stay away from him. besides isn't he dating emilie de ravin? I hate her so much!!!!!!!!!! to me its either ur in it for the long hall or not at all. rob has heartbreaker all over him i dont trust him

  • Gita Margaretha
    Gita Margaretha


  • twimom_13

    Prepare to see Rob SMILE once again seriously he hasn't smiled at all while on location in NY, he can't help but show complete adoration for Kristen and his smile is a huge giveaway and by the looks of things Kristen has been working and no sighting of any male companions, can't wait for their reunion, I hope that they think that it is worth wile, I mean all eyes are on them, I have always pictured them as people who are not afraid of doing what they want to do. Go Robsten!!!!!!

  • mae


  • toots

    I wonder how long it's going to that Kristen Stewart to cry once Rob shows up with his new girlfriend?

  • missbrightside

    TOTALLY! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! P.S. Do they show it on tv? no, but you'll probably see it on youtube.

  • aro

    he is not good kisser. It does not look romantic



  • Bec.

    uggh . rob did nothing bad in N.Y jeesh. there were no pics , so i dont believe anything. though i do believe in Robsten . :)

  • caquelin

    Let the showmance begin...or did it really end?!

  • corrie

    i don't think there is anything to forgive. I think two grown adults went out for drinks and a game of pool. If they were hanging all over each other or snuggling during a pool game then there would be pictures. Why will people not just let the co-stars of Remeber me just be friends?

  • Pam

    This is it, they will finally reveal their love for each other. I can't wait. Let them be happy.

  • lahe27

    if i were kristen i wouldn't care cause i would be back with the sexiest man ever again! :)

  • Team Robsten all the way!
    Team Robsten all the way!

    Oh and I do think she will forgive him! They'll probably be so happy to see eachother! XD XD I agree with Saint all the way!

  • Team Robsten all the way! XD
    Team Robsten all the way! XD

    YESSSSSS! Finally they get to see eachother again and hopefully get together for real!! Love Robsten!

  • allie

    i think she would....she should have known that if she wanted to get together that there would be a problem with her not going to be with him all the time unlike while filming twilight or new moon. i bet this will be a good time with him and her. at least hopely. GO ROBSTEN!!!!!! :)

  • jjkeim

    TOTALLY! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! P.S. Do they show it on tv?

  • idon

    they are not together (i wish they were) thefore she does not care just friends... i kinda think they r together, why ?? if u look closely at the pics of the cast photos from the movie awards , ROB HAS HIS HAND ON HER ASS AND LOWER BACK !!LOL to me it means they r together , or maybe angarano is ok with other guys touching her booty... who knows?? LMAO!!!!

  • Well

    If it is for real while they were date , Im sure she wil forgive him for once, not twice.. If they dont date at all then im sure Kristen dont care she just want to wish him a luck..

  • lala

    Stop spreading rumors about Rob he did nothing wrong while in N.Y. no pics or evidence to prove otherwise. we would have known about this if anything happened. he did a movie with this person that was it just a movie everone we can realx he and kristen are strong can't wait for them to reunite next week

  • smashxitxsami

    honestly, this doesn't matter either.

  • Saint

    they are not together (i wish they were) thefore she does not care just friends...

  • noah

    I wonder how long it's going to that Kristen Stewart to cry once Rob shows up with his new girlfriend?

  • andrea

    why not?? Wouldn't anybody?? Maybe she did the same thing! hell, I wouldn't care if he did all the girls in NY!!!

  • TeamRobsten

    Of course!

  • YEAH!!!